Our Story

Our Story: 

CAZABEIT started when a couple, GEORGES and ANTONELLA decided to start their own business concerning the tourism. So they started by rent out an apartment in BATROUN for earn money by listing the apartment on AIRBNB.
Their first guest house was casapura, an apartment near old souk
The apartment was quite old-fashioned and the interior was poorly designed, so they decided to make some home improvements and modernize it in order to make it more lively and fashionable.
Gradually, the listing attracted over bookings and they earned a large profit. This turning point and the positive feedback of their client pushed them to make a deal with other apartment landlord and added new apartment to their project.
On January 2020, CAZA BEIT as a concept was born. Some of friends joined the ranks and expansion into property management with a focus on short term rentals started.
The results turned out to be equally successful. Moving on to their first project, the team decided to join forces and collectively invest in other apartment in Batroun and later expanded to other cities.

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