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Taanayel - Baalbek - ksara Winery

Taanayel - Baalbek - ksara Winery

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From the roman ruins to the wineries, a day full of culture, experiences, activities, sightseeing and exploration awaits you. The route takes place North West of Lebanon starting with the small city of Taanayel at a farm called Taanayel lake, where we will stop for a short hike.
Then moving to Baalbek to explore the city of sun (The Majestic Baalbek Temple ruins).
Moving on to Zahleh to visit Ksara for a wine tasting.

Wine tours: Ksara winery is open to wine lovers. Visitors are always welcome for a self-guided tour, or can book the guided tour.

Food stops can be customized upon your taste and budget!
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