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Tree House (Azra)

Tree House (Azra)

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Treehouse in Jouret Bedrane, Lebanon

2 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1 bath

About this space

Enjoy the lovely setting of this romantic spot in nature.

The space

Imagine a secluded tree house nestled among the whispering leaves, a serene retreat from the world. Here’s a description of such a haven:

The Tree House:

King Bed: A plush king-sized bed sits at the center, fitted with luxurious linens, offering a restful night’s sleep to the sound of nature’s lullaby.

Chimney: A quaint stone chimney rises from a cozy fireplace, providing warmth and a comforting glow during cooler evenings.

Jacuzzi: An inviting jacuzzi, big enough for two, promises relaxation under the stars, with panoramic views of the surrounding foliage.

Toilet: A modern, eco-friendly toilet is discreetly tucked away, ensuring convenience without compromising the natural experience.
Pool Access: A wooden walkway leads from the tree house to a serene pool, mirroring the sky and trees, perfect for a refreshing dip.

Calm Nature Space: The tree house is enveloped by the tranquil embrace of nature, with the sounds of rustling leaves and distant bird calls filling the air.
This tree house offers an idyllic escape, blending luxury with the untouched beauty of the natural world.

Guest access

Guests are afforded the following amenities:

1. **Parking: ** Access to convenient and secure parking facilities.

2. **Garden: ** Delight in the outdoor space featuring a well-maintained garden for relaxation and leisure.

3. **Fireplace: ** Enjoy warmth and ambiance with access to a cozy fireplace.

4. **Lobby: ** A welcoming area providing comfort for guests to gather or wait.

5. **Pool: ** Take advantage of a refreshing pool for added leisure.

6. **Terrace and Garden: ** Access a combined outdoor space with connections to the restaurant and bar, enhancing the overall experience.

These amenities aim to elevate the guest experience, offering convenience, outdoor enjoyment, a cozy atmosphere, and a communal space during their stay.

Other things to note

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Scheduling visits to museums, galleries, protected parks, and other attractions ahead of time, skiing ...

Planning activities like movie night event, hike tour, sup tour, kayak....

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