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Citadel Saint Gilles (Qal'at Sinjil) Tripoli, Like many of Lebanon’s coastal cities, it has a long history of conquest, rebuilding, and resilience. However, it is Tripoli’s adherence to a more traditional and slower pace of life that makes this northern city unique. Tripoli has avoided the commercialization and construction that has defined much of modern Beirut.

In our trip, we will visit the old souks of Tripoli and feel the old souls that have once been there, including the old hammams, beautiful architecture of the mosques, colorful madrassas, and eat from the street food we pass by;
also we will talk to some locals and hear their stories. After that we move to visit the saint Gilles citadel of Tripoli, where we will observe a lot of history and see a view of the whole Tripoli city.

Enjoying the walks in the small alleys, we will move to the colorful alleys of mina, the seaside city, and also visiting the old train station of Tripoli.

Khan Al-Khayyatin Contrary to what many people say, Tripoli and its souks are marvelous.

Taynal Mosque mamluk best architecture, a lot of other locations will be on our way from madrassas to souks to hammams, that are not written here. you'll fall in love with the city.
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