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Wadi Qannoubine

Wadi Qannoubine

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This blissful hike will have you traveling through the captivating Qadisha Valley, also known as the Holy Valley, home of some of the most ancient Christian communities within the Middle East.

This journey begins at the Mar Lishaa Monastery, a home and haven for those who search for solitude and sanctuary.
The hike to the Qannoubine Monastery is about 5.3km, you will be greeted by a sing-song chorus from local birdlife and breathtaking waterfalls as we venture through the valley.
After an hour of wandering you will find the Qannoubine Monastery, one of the oldest Maronite Monasteries within the Holy Valley. While experiencing the captivating culture and spiritual surroundings throughout this journey we recommend to take some time to fully immerse your senses; meditate, pray, or simply relax and take in the tranquil atmosphere.

The hike in total is a 10.6km round trip, which takes around 3.5 hours in total.
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